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Channelled inspirational address on Manifestation

Sound has a vibration; Tone is key when delivering your words, both to mankind and spirit.

Thought has a reflection far beyond what words procure, tame your thoughts to kindness in regards to fellow humans, for they will respond to the vibration far beyond what we see.

You will have heard of the ripple effect, but we can't stress this enough, you will also be familiar with manifestation.

Imagine the world like you want ahead of you, pay attention to details as this is how we provide for you well in advance of you knowing.

Fruition is abundant as it is conceived and then granted for all to fulfil what they want to achieve.

Even the seeming weak or poor have riches beyond what they perceive as they have inner nous that drives them forward in their goals and requirements.

So tonight dream, plan, and manifest the lives you want while you breathe, for if you prey not having actualised, it is still possible but an entirely different process.

You will need to inspire it in the living and in turn manifest yourself in spirit.

We leave you in love and light.

Brothers of light Brightface Pierson.

Channelled by Danielle on 23 June 24 and shared with the Mackelvie West Spiritualist Community at a recent open demonstration evening. Danielle has kindly offered to share the wisdom from her spirit team for all to enjoy, and for this we are grateful.


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