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Spiritual Development Circles at MacKelvie Church

Mediumistic & Spiritual

What is a Circle?

A spiritual and psychic development circle will generally focus on teaching, developing and experiencing activities like guided meditation, healing, psychic awareness, tarot, trance and mental mediumship within a safe, supportive and open teaching environment. The group will provide a forum giving members an opportunity to share stories of psychic events and experiences as part of the psychic development exercises. Members of the group will practice with one another.

Why join a Circle?

A spiritual development and mental mediumship circle is a great way to improve your psychic abilities, skills and techniques with the help and support of like-minded friends.

A spiritual development circle typically has a number of purposes. Firstly, it gives you a safe forum to practice your abilities with other people. Secondly, it provides an environment where new skills and techniques can be taught and shared. Thirdly, it creates a spiritual energy boost whereby the spirit guides and helpers are able to join forces and raise the vibrational energy as the circle focuses on the intention to increase psychic development and experience healing.

What do I get out of
being a circle member?

Circle members have an opportunity to spend time with like-minded individuals to:

  • explore and extend their spiritual development

  • learn to meditate

  • develop their psychic abilities

  • learn spiritual healing

  • gain insight and clarity to daily challenges

  • learn a philosophy of life to help cope with the everyday pressures of living

  • receive guidance and comfort at times of need.

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What can you expect when you join a Circle

When you join a circle you will be invited to sit with an existing group who has been sitting together for a while. It is always a pleasure to invite new faces and spiritual energy to any circle and you will be welcomed whole-heartedly.

As part of the, usually, two hour circle, there will be changes in focus with regard to what will be taught and what you will do. The basic format for every circle however remains unchanged in principle.

  1. Protection

  2. Opening Up

  3. Meditation

  4. Learning and Development; covering a wide range of topics including Healing, Psychic Awareness, Psychometry, Mental Mediumship, Trance, Tarot, Color Energies, Automatic Writing, Rostrum Work, Clearings, etc

  5. Discussion and Group Work

  6. Closing Down

Our circle leaders are a diverse range of individuals with strengths and talents in different areas of psychic and spiritual development as well as offering a wide range of teaching styles and environments.

Be assured, there will be a teacher and a circle that is suited to your level of experience and goals and aspirations with regard to spiritualism.


There is a $5 Koha for attending our Spiritual Development circles to cover the building utility expenses. Please talk to your circle leader if you have financial constraints and we will arrange an exemption.

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