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David Thompson Mentorship

Commences 18 January

Due to popular demand and the success of last year`s Mentorship programme, David Thompson will be carrying out another years Mentorship programme at Mackelvie West Spiritualist Church in 2024. David Thompson is a world renowned Physical/Mental medium with over 40 years experience, having traveled extensively demonstrating his mediumship in many different countries such as England, USA, Sweden, Demark, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Switzerland.


The year is open to all levels of abilities, if you are serious about taking your mediumship or
psychic development to the next level, if you want to stand out from the others in your abilities,
well this is the course for you.
Topics Covered
Spiritual growth and development, mental mediumship, altered states, trance, healing, and
deeper levels of connecting with the spirit world, how we connect with the spirit world, what
helps or hinders us in our connections and how we can overcome the obstacles that hold us
back in our mediumship and psychic development.
Is this course for you!
If you are an armchair medium or psychic then this course is NOT for you. If you want to
participate, change and become a better medium or psychic or want to learn how to become a
medium or psychic, this course is definitely for you.

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