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Divine Love

Divine Love ©
Divine Love ©

Michael came to church one Sunday and was inspired by the address and reading about Love. The next evening Michael went to his development circle and went into a deep meditation. This poem was written after that circle and is an inspired and inspirational piece of work that is Michaels spiritual interpretation of the words shared during the Sunday service. We hope you enjoy his message as much as we do.

Devine Love, Passionate Love, Self Love.
(c) Michael Joseph - 2013

Be aware of negative thinking, Evil always lurks near and by
Dark spirits cling to negative thoughts, those leaches suck you dry.
Thoughts create reality, what you think comes real.
That is why, it is best not to act on every emotion that you feel.
Negative thoughts consume, consuming all your time.
Shackled into darkness a prisoner inside your mind.
Negative thoughts cripple unable to conform to see.
That you are your worst enemy, not the world or neither me.
Looking out for happiness not known were to look.
Look to the Devine, pray, meditate, read a healing book.
The Devine is always there for you waiting for you to ask.
Love is there inside you, hate is just a mask.
Think the thoughts, ask questions "how do I achieve Devine love."
The desire to seek personal change that will be enough.
Change your thoughts from hate to love let that become your desire.
Angels will come by you, to work with you and inspire.
The Devine only wishes peace of mind, playful laughter and smiles.
To help you through a prison sentence, of suffering endless trials.
Know this about the darkness, it is scared of the light because light has no worry.
Light has no anxieties, fears, neither does it apologize or has to say sorry.
Darkness has no control with light so it feels it has no purpose.
The only one darkness controls, are those willing to give it service.
But darkness is cunning because it tricks you in believing.
That loving thoughts can be full of righteousness which is deceiving.
Passionate love of personal belief, religious, political, muslims, Christians the law.
How can it be love, killing, murder fighting instigating War.
Loving freedom for pleasure, loving money, material wise.
That does not attract good spirits that only attracts more lies.
Learn love from the Devine inside first, to the out.
Selfless intentions, is what Devine love is about.
So be aware of your thoughts think in terms of Devine.
To get back on track, when we fall out of line.
Love of light and light in love we attract these with our thoughts.
Anyone can receive the light from all cultures of all sorts.
So beware of choices, who or what your thoughts will attract.
Because what we put out to the universe, 10 fold comes backed.

By Michael Joseph

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Promotions, Special Events and Spiritual Development Opportunites  Image ©
Promotions, Special Events and Spiritual Development Opportunites Image ©

Spiritual and psychic development opportunites coming up

The church had a fantastic year in 2017, and looking ahead have a good line up of Spiritual Mediums and International guests joining us throughout 2018.


Our Sunday Church Service at 7pm
Our Sunday Church Service is at 7pm. Everyone is welcome to join us for healing and messages from Spirit followed by supper. 60b Portage Road, New Lynn. We welcome you to browse the library prior to or after the church service.

Divine Love

A Poem by Michael Joseph, Church and Circle Member . . . Read more »

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