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MacKelvie West Spiritualist Church Inc

Sunday Services at 7pm

MacKelvie West Spiritualist Church

Fiona - Circle Leader


Development Circle

Is it you or is it spirit? Lets find out together.

Our development circle concentrates on a deeper understanding of the spirit world and forming a closer connection with whom we work-our spirit family.

Our circle covers all aspects of spiritualism in a safe, friendly, and nurturing environment encouraging development to naturally unfold.

Everyone is encouraged to participate and speak out allowing their confidence to grow.

Some of what our learning circle works on-
Meditation-for stilling the mind and developing focus.
Sitting in the Power-to develop a closer contact with spirit family and helpers.
Spiritual Healing-for both body and mind.
Soul to Soul Connection-your truth.
Psychometry: Information from inanimate objects leading to developing spirit communication.
Inspirational Speaking and Writing-an exciting connection further developing spirit communication.
Mediumship: Contacting the spirit world for information, help and advice, as well as much, much more.

Beginners to advanced are all welcome.
If you're interested why not come along and give it a try.


Divine Love

A Poem by Michael Joseph, Church and Circle Member . . . Read more »

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