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MacKelvie West Spiritualist Church

Ines - Spiritual Development Circle Leader and Teacher

Ines - Spiritual Medium and Clairsentient Circle

Ines - Spiritual Medium and Clairsentient Circle Image ©
Ines - Spiritual Medium and Clairsentient Circle Image ©

All Levels Circle - Wednesday at 7pm

From the UK Ines has been a practicing Spiritual Medium and Clairsentient for over 30 years, the later ten being in New Zealand. For seven of those years Ines has been a circle leader on Wednesday nights at MacKelvie West Spiritualist Church.

As a facilitator Ines's abilities have allowed her to cover all aspects of Spiritual Development, Psychic Development and development of Mediumship. Ines recognises everyone as individuals and she shows her sitters the ability to help themselves and to realise their own potential. Ines's approach is for a lot of interaction within the circle so people can develop their social skills alongside their self development. All subjects covered are explained and handouts are given at times to help the sitters continue their learning at home.

Ines's teaching methods are like stepping stones and cover the very core basics which include Grounding, Protection and Cords as well as Opening and Closing of the energy centers by way of Meditation.

Spiritual Healing plays a big part in the circle and Ines incorporates Color, Auras, Chakras, Absent Healing along with the Pendulum, for exercises.

With many tools at Ines's disposal the Psychic exercises particularly help the sitters relax and enjoy their time the circle. Enjoying the circle experience is Ines's main aim.
Inspiration Card Readings, Drawing, Writing and Psychometry and exercises to help see and sense Color energies, Scrying and Psi Cards for Telepathy are just some of the tools and techniques taught on a Wednesday night.

On occasions Ines brings in a guest for the evening who will bring their knowledge (for example, tea leaf reading, pyramids, reiki, spiritual art, color, numerology, etc). These occasions have proved to be informative and enjoyable.


Divine Love

A Poem by Michael Joseph, Church and Circle Member . . . Read more »

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